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Day 24…Tomorrow

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Books, Moonletters, Music, Opinion, Second LIfe

Yep, that’s it guys, day 24 will be appearing tomorrow, I’m s’posed to compile a list of songs and I really haven’t had time to think about it yet.

Because rehearsal isn’t on this week I’ve been giving myself jobs to do instead of being there, I’ve done most of them but ‘Day 24’ just isn’t gonna happen. I’m about to finish writing an article for and perhaps jot down some ideas for the novel I’m working on – I’m pleased with the progress thus far and cannot wait to be able to sit down properly again and just focus on it.

Ahh, my flatmate has stopped singing in the shower, haha I think she was singing cos she was pleased to be warm, it’s been so cold today – about -11 which is bloomin freezin, and as she works outside, well it must have been a hundred times worse for her. The heating is on full blast as I write and I have to say it’s all very cozy in here; hope you’re keeping warm too.



I Love Books!!

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Books, Moonletters, Opinion

Wow, I love books & oh my word, I adore book shops & libraries! When I moved recently my former housemate kindly gave me a book token – she knows what I like!! & I had the pleasure or should I say difficulty of choosing what book I wanted to buy. To be honest I want them all, I love the smell & feel of a new book & wonder what delights they have inside.

When I walk around a library or book shop it’s as if the air is awash with words that are ready to be absorbed by my delighted eyes.

So I had this amount of money in token form & the freedom to choose what I wanted, after umming & aah-ing I finally settled on the 5 that spoke the loudest with a promise to the slightly quieter ones that I would be return!

I happily ended up with:

Chuck Palahniuk – Diary,  I’ve read it before, but just had to have a copy!

Haruki Murakami – Norwegian Wood, This is one of the book I promised to buy

Stephen King – The Shining, I used to have a battered old copy of this, not sure where it went; Had to get it again! If you have seen the film you MUST read the book – it’s far better & also 100 times scarier!

Jack Kerouac – On The Road, This book has been recommended by a few people & it looks pretty good, so why not?

The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare, just has to be done I have read a few of his plays & enjoyed each one; I shall dive into the pages & picture the stories  as I absorb the words.

If I’m not reading a book, I’ll be thinking about the one I’m writing, if I’m not doing that I’ll be thinking about writing an article for, If I’m not doing that, I’ll be reading a book….

Oh to have a huge library of books, to be able to choose which one to read for the 1st or 5th time, to be able to ponder over the latest bestseller or a glorious classic; and to see one of my own on a bookshelf is what I dream of both day & night.

Move #17

Posted: May 6, 2010 in Moonletters, Opinion, Second LIfe

I moved house today for the 17th time. The move went smoothly & it’s good to be here, there was a surprise visit from my older Brother – I got in from a job interview (Went well) & there he was!

I’m pretty tired, it feels like I’ve done a lot today – I guess I have! I did try to go to sleep earlier but my mind has been busy thinking of all the things I want to do tomorrow, & I wanted to get this here blog done too 🙂

I shall be back in Second Life soon, & thankfully I am a little ahead with my Moonletters write ups – I hope to get in touch with a real-life band who recently did a world tour in Second Life & interview them – should be good 🙂

My Father told me about the training he is doing for the Knaresborough bed race – he’s really taking it seriously even more now he knows it will be televised (Aled Jones is on his team). I’ll post more details & maybe some pics at a later date!

I just wanna send hugs to all my mates from Second Life, Real Life & Both! Like Graz says a friend is a friend.

If I’m not making much sense (Do I ever?) It’s cos I’m sleeeeeeeeeeepy & should probably head to bed.

I bid you a good night! I am off to the land of catch some z’s…to get some shut eye…off to check the inside of my eyelids…zzz…zzz…zzz…


I love tattoos me! I recently did a write-up on about a place in Second Life that sells tattoos for you avatar: in the write-up I mention my real life love of tattoos & it just so happens that I fancy showing you them.

Each of my tattoos has a meaning & they are all very special to me (The quality of the pictures do not do the pieces justice):

Yin & Yang: (The left of my belly button) – I have always loved the design & the meanings behind it ‘Yin and yang are complementary opposites within a greater whole. Everything has both yin and yang aspects, ‘which constantly interact, never existing in absolute stasis’ (Wikipedia).
This was my very 1st tattoo & has fared pretty well for 1 that is 8 years old. I got this one done in The Whitby Tattoo Studio, Whitby, Yorkshire. 


Horus’ Eye: (Back of right shoulder) – An ancient Egyptian symbol, people would wear a necklace depicting Horus’ Eye in the belief that this would ‘Put right what once went wrong’
This tattoo was done in ‘Eric’s Tattoo Studio’, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.



Gemini: I am a Gemini!! Although I’m not an avid believer in horoscopes, I do seem to have 2 sides to me – hmm maybe I should have got an angel/devil tattoo 🙂

The typical description of a Gemini fits me almost perfectly & I guess I just like being one! I’m thinking of getting some color added to this piece.

This was done in The Whitby Tattoo Studio, Whitby, Yorkshire.


Peace Sign: (Above my right hip) – I don’t believe that war is the answer & I wish everyone could just get along despite differences in skin colour/beliefs/race/sexuality/ability etc

I got this tattoo done in ‘Hype Tattoo Studio’, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.


Dragon: (Above my right knee) – This represents my little bit of Welsh blood, but also the fact I was born in the year of the Dragon.

I took this picture not long after the tattoo was done – hence the little bit of redness!!

This was done at ‘Hype Tattoo Studio’ Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Footprints (On my lower back) – These refer to the poem ‘Footprints in the sand.’ My life hasn’t always been easy, but through some of the most darkest & challenging times of my life so far, I have always felt that I have been ‘Carried’.

                                                    I got this one done at ‘Wild Style Tattoos’ Knaresborough, Yorkshire.

I guess you could say I’m addicted to getting pictures put on my skin, but for me it’s an expression of who I am & what is important to me. I intend to get more & am deciding what my next one will be – I’m not gonna tell ya! I’ll blog about it when it’s done. 🙂

Do you have any? if so – tell me, I always love to hear about peoples tattoos & the stories behind them.

If you know me well then you know how much I love to write, how I love to sew words together & hopefully come up with something readable.

It’s a form of expression, a way to let my vivid imagination run wild & it seeps into the dreams I have both day & night. It is everything to me, yet without me my story has no life; the characters become real & I get so emotionally involved I’ve found myself crying as if it were me living that life.

From the notes I used to slip under my Moms bedroom door cos I had no confidence  to communicate my feelings, to the weekly reviews on & maybe one day (Please God) a published novel or 2.

This is what I do, this is how I am, my words are my way of life & I treasure them so.

‘Writing is my suffering. It’s my soul’s medicine. I write about what I wanna write about. I write when I hurt. I write when I fear. Writing is my form of personal freedom. I write to save myself. I write to survive as an individual.’  Gao Xingjian.


Posted: February 6, 2010 in Moonletters, Opinion, Other

Hey guys,

Just wanna say thank you for reading this here blog, I’m hoping you’re liking it – I’m loving jotting down my musings etc, oh, please feel free to say ‘Hi’! 

Just wanna say thanks to Shauna from who has provided a link on her site to this page – very kind of you Guv’nor 🙂

Well I must dash, work is a-calling; hope you’re weekend is a good one.

Bye for now,

Rachel xoxo

Hello One & All!

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Moonletters

Good day & welcome to my little blog! Here I intend to post my short stories, poems and even a playlist or 2, compiled by moi & played online.

I write weekly reviews for (See under ‘Blogroll’), and am planning to write a few on here, so if you know of or have an album/book/film that you want me to peruse, get in touch!

Grateful thanks go to my good friend Graz who 1st suggested blogging, and helping set this here web page up; Graz you are a star and I thank you for all you have done, and all you continue to do. xx