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Posted: January 1, 2011 in Books, Opinion

Hello! and Happy New Year!!

How the heck are you? Did you celebrate the new year? or did you go to bed and wake up thinking ‘It’s just another day’?

I was fortunate enough to spend NYE with someone special and had the pleasure of wishing her ‘Happy New Year!’ as the clock struck midnight.

I guess today is just another day, all that’s happened is one of the numbers in the calendar has changed, but it’s an occasion that gives us hope and reason to celebrate, sometimes with friends, families and loved ones, and sometimes by ourselves.

How many resolutions will you stick to this year? I’ve given up making them – did ages ago, cos I never stuck to them! 🙂

I plan to finish the novel I’m working on by June, but we’ll see if that happens – I decided that late last year, so it’s not really a resolution.

2010 was a good year for me, ok so the first 3 months weren’t anything special – a bit sucky tbh, the 4th would have been the same if my 3rd Niece hadn’t been born; but from then on 2010 proved to be a pretty damn good year, and I’m hoping this year will be too – let’s see how my positive mental attitude about it helps!!

I hope 2011 is good for you and you’re able to stick to any resolutions you made, and your wishes come true. I know what I wish for, but I wished for the same things late last year. It’s not that I don’t see a point to making resolutions or thinking ‘New year, fresh start’, like I said, I’ve never been able to keep the resolutions and sometimes I see a brand new day as a fresh start rather than waiting for another year to begin.

You can have a fresh start without much at all changing, it’s all in the mind.

Rachel. x


Day 24…Tomorrow

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Books, Moonletters, Music, Opinion, Second LIfe

Yep, that’s it guys, day 24 will be appearing tomorrow, I’m s’posed to compile a list of songs and I really haven’t had time to think about it yet.

Because rehearsal isn’t on this week I’ve been giving myself jobs to do instead of being there, I’ve done most of them but ‘Day 24’ just isn’t gonna happen. I’m about to finish writing an article for and perhaps jot down some ideas for the novel I’m working on – I’m pleased with the progress thus far and cannot wait to be able to sit down properly again and just focus on it.

Ahh, my flatmate has stopped singing in the shower, haha I think she was singing cos she was pleased to be warm, it’s been so cold today – about -11 which is bloomin freezin, and as she works outside, well it must have been a hundred times worse for her. The heating is on full blast as I write and I have to say it’s all very cozy in here; hope you’re keeping warm too.


We can…

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Books

‘We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. We can be free! We can learn to fly!’

 Jonathan Livingston Seagull By Richard Bach.

Day 17

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Books, Opinion

Day 17, A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

A book that changed my views on something was ‘Emotional Intelligence’ by Daniel Goleman; I’d heard about it on tv and decided to give it a read.. til then I had always felt lacking in the IQ department, my (Lovely) older Brother is very clever and I was told I was not as clever as him – I don’t think this was meant to hurt as it did, just a passing comment that these days would probably be shrugged off.

I was only top of the class in spelling at primary school and drama at high school, and was never a whizz at Maths like my sibling. At school I didn’t do too great, but I was depressed and perhaps could have done better.

When I read E.I it felt as if it was ok not to be very clever, in a previous post I’ve written how I can manipulate people’s emotions for the better (But does that mean I’m smart or have high E.I?) and reading this book certainly made me feel better about being able to do that – I no longer felt as restricted as I had and that perhaps it was even ok to be me.

I think I should probably get another copy and read this again, see what the older and mayyyyybeeeeee slightly wiser me makes of it this time round…

‘There was a time when IQ was considered the leading determinant of success. In this fascinating book, based on brain and behavioural research, Daniel Goleman argues that our IQ- idolising view of intelligence is far too narrow. Instead, Goleman makes the case for “emotional intelligence” being the strongest indicator of human success. He defines emotional intelligence in terms of self-awareness, altruism, personal motivation, empathy and the ability to love and be loved by friends, partners, and family members. People who possess high emotional intelligence are the people who truly succeed in work as well as play, building flourishing careers and lasting, meaningful relationships. Because emotional intelligence isn’t fixed at birth, Goleman outlines how adults as well as parents of young children can sow the seeds. —’

I have an IQ of 118, which apparently is ok, there’s not much you can do to change it – unless you take the test again – goes up each time I heard *Thinks about doing one a week* 🙂

So I’m not that clever, so I don’t know much about algebra and formulae, php’s and programming stuff, I guess I can always learn, for now tho, I’m content to use positive emotions to guide me thro life.

Day 5

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Books, Opinion

Day 05, Something you hope to do in your life.

I would dearly love to have a book published – the proper way – getting an agent, being accepted by a publishing house etc. Anyone can pay to publish a book themselves, but it’s just not the same. That has been my goal for a long time; I’m onto my fourth novel now, having only sent a few copies of my first away to various agencies, one day, I will get here – that’s my dream in any case.

Ok, so these q’s haven’t been too bad so far…so far! I know a lot of old memories – some bad, will come back & I guess it will be interesting to see my reaction to them – meaning the bad ones. I  guess our experiences make us who & what we are, bad times make us stronger hopefully & good times can lead to solid foundations in relationships.

Let’s give each other good memories.

Sleep Pale Sister

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Books, Other

Imagine a snowflake floating down a deep well. Imagine a flake of soot falling from the dim London sky.
Imagine that for a moment.

Through layers of darkness I floated; I danced through dangerous landscapes. I saw a knight with a bunch of fluttering penants salute a lady in a tower of brass; I saw a herd of white horses; I saw the lyre-bird, his tail like a comet…My dark sister took me by the hand & we followed dreaming tides on the shores of strange seas; & she told me the story of a girl who slept for a hundred years, while around her everything & everybody grew old & died.

But the girl had a lover who refused to forget her, he kept guard over her frozen sleep & waited & waited, he loved her so.
Everyday he would sit beside her & talk to her & tell her about his love. Everyday he brushed her hair & kept the dust & cobwebs from her face & waited. 
And, as time passed, he grew old & infirm; his servants, thinking he was mad, deserted him & went away. But still he waited until one day as he was sitting in the last rays of the autumn sun, almost blind & crippled with age & hardship, he thought he saw her move & open her eyes & wake, & he died of joy with his beautiful love in his arms & her name on his dying breath.
(Taken From ‘Sleep Pale Sister’ By Joanne Harris) 

I Love Books!!

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Books, Moonletters, Opinion

Wow, I love books & oh my word, I adore book shops & libraries! When I moved recently my former housemate kindly gave me a book token – she knows what I like!! & I had the pleasure or should I say difficulty of choosing what book I wanted to buy. To be honest I want them all, I love the smell & feel of a new book & wonder what delights they have inside.

When I walk around a library or book shop it’s as if the air is awash with words that are ready to be absorbed by my delighted eyes.

So I had this amount of money in token form & the freedom to choose what I wanted, after umming & aah-ing I finally settled on the 5 that spoke the loudest with a promise to the slightly quieter ones that I would be return!

I happily ended up with:

Chuck Palahniuk – Diary,  I’ve read it before, but just had to have a copy!

Haruki Murakami – Norwegian Wood, This is one of the book I promised to buy

Stephen King – The Shining, I used to have a battered old copy of this, not sure where it went; Had to get it again! If you have seen the film you MUST read the book – it’s far better & also 100 times scarier!

Jack Kerouac – On The Road, This book has been recommended by a few people & it looks pretty good, so why not?

The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare, just has to be done I have read a few of his plays & enjoyed each one; I shall dive into the pages & picture the stories  as I absorb the words.

If I’m not reading a book, I’ll be thinking about the one I’m writing, if I’m not doing that I’ll be thinking about writing an article for, If I’m not doing that, I’ll be reading a book….

Oh to have a huge library of books, to be able to choose which one to read for the 1st or 5th time, to be able to ponder over the latest bestseller or a glorious classic; and to see one of my own on a bookshelf is what I dream of both day & night.