Posted: January 1, 2011 in Books, Opinion

Hello! and Happy New Year!!

How the heck are you? Did you celebrate the new year? or did you go to bed and wake up thinking ‘It’s just another day’?

I was fortunate enough to spend NYE with someone special and had the pleasure of wishing her ‘Happy New Year!’ as the clock struck midnight.

I guess today is just another day, all that’s happened is one of the numbers in the calendar has changed, but it’s an occasion that gives us hope and reason to celebrate, sometimes with friends, families and loved ones, and sometimes by ourselves.

How many resolutions will you stick to this year? I’ve given up making them – did ages ago, cos I never stuck to them! 🙂

I plan to finish the novel I’m working on by June, but we’ll see if that happens – I decided that late last year, so it’s not really a resolution.

2010 was a good year for me, ok so the first 3 months weren’t anything special – a bit sucky tbh, the 4th would have been the same if my 3rd Niece hadn’t been born; but from then on 2010 proved to be a pretty damn good year, and I’m hoping this year will be too – let’s see how my positive mental attitude about it helps!!

I hope 2011 is good for you and you’re able to stick to any resolutions you made, and your wishes come true. I know what I wish for, but I wished for the same things late last year. It’s not that I don’t see a point to making resolutions or thinking ‘New year, fresh start’, like I said, I’ve never been able to keep the resolutions and sometimes I see a brand new day as a fresh start rather than waiting for another year to begin.

You can have a fresh start without much at all changing, it’s all in the mind.

Rachel. x

  1. Richard Cotton says:

    quiet nye no dink to see it in and bed early due to my parnter been ill. Not much fun no firends to see the year in. Only on sl Then nyd was that start of an other year starts the same as the old one fights between the twins and thier mum.

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