I’m Bendy

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Opinion

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, I probably have, but I’m not going to sift thro previous bleatings of mine to find out (How lazy!)… I’m bendy, my joints are very flexible and many bend further than they should, or in a strange direction.

For years some of my party tricks included such things – and yes, I could even get my legs over my shoulders – I haven’t tried that for a fair while, and I’m not about to!

A good thing about being bendy is that rather than breaking bones, things have just come out of joint and popped back in a few days later.

I was on a bmx ramp (haha) a few years ago and I came crashing down with a thud, I really should have broken my wrist, the way I landed, but I didn’t, it just hurt quite a bit was bruised and eventually just clicked back in (So did some bones in my palm – so weird!)

The bad thing is, and a Doctor told me this as I was growing up that ‘It will cause you problems when you get older’. Just over a week ago it hurt to walk, my right knee decided to misbehave and I was limping a fair bit, down hill was terrible and I could have cried; ibuprofen helped and now the pain has 99% gone – also, I was showing a mate a dance I’d learnt..it helped – my knee just decided to go back in partially, or do whatever it should have been doing – a bit later, I tried it again, and it worked AGAIN!! Suffice to say since then, the old knee has been 99% ok and I haven’t cursed it.

Today, it was my thumbs turn – aaannnddd it still is my thumbs turn – I think it’s just coincidence that the two have happened in such a short  space of time, it’s not usually that often at all.

I was on my lunch  and my right thumb just decided to hurt, it hurts to move it and I can’t even type using it – sure I’ve wriggled it in all directions and taken painkillers – it’s not the end of the world, the pain does make me gasp and I find myself gritting my teeth, but I know that by sometime next week, all will be forgotten cos my thumb would have gone back to where it should have been.

I’m grateful that things aren’t any worse, they always could be; I could have broken my wrist and maybe some other joints that day on the ramp in Newcastle, and I could decide to be off work with my thumb – but what’s the point? I’m used to this so I’ll plod on, be merry and it will fix itself in no time… just don’t expect a quick response to a text!! (Ouch!)

  1. Richard Cotton says:

    bendy is not to bad i hope. i have double joints and find that sometimes it is a bonus more thatn a bad thing.

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