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Posted: January 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

  <–That’s me (Without eye make-up but never mind) No doubt more pics and even some videos of the occasional drunken revelry-ness (That IS a word, I made it up myself!) will be appearing at some point.

Until next time, Rachel/jellie.



Good Evening (Morning)

Posted: January 31, 2010 in Music

Greetings, salutations, g’day & the like.

Me myself & I have  not long been in from doing nightshift, & even tho’ the clock says 8:52am, it’s feeling like night for me, so it inevitably won’t be long ’til I hit the hay, catch some z’s, go to bedfordshire, or enter the land of nod.

Am I babbling? most likely, no more than usual? Probably!

It was quite a hectic shift at work, everything happened at once so I went into what I call ‘Triage mode’ & when Mr Oogeemaflops leg was glued back on & Mrs Thingymajigs marbles had been found all was well & time had flown. (I haven’t been too well of late so the time flying bit was even more appreciated, but, worse things happen at sea & I am grateful for my health)

Now what was I gonna add? Oh yeah, I dunno if you’ve been watching ‘Popstar To Opera Star’ but my favourite singer in the wholest widest world – Marcella Detroit is in the competition and let me tell you it was a ‘Kick a**’ performance’, in fact, you can see for yourself:

Pretty impressive eh? 🙂

Well me thinks it’s time to hit the hay, catch some zzz…zzz…zzz…


Rachel xox

Too Much To Ask?

Posted: January 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dear Any Weather Presenter,

It’s been a little pants here in the North East of England as of late, and pretty much all over the UK. I also have friends in different parts of the world who are a bit sick of the fluffy white stuff falling from the sky, or being shut in cos there’s the tail end of a cyclone up ahead.

Please can you fix it so that we all get a little bit of spring? This will cheer us up no end and we won’t have any need to wear our ‘Grumpy Pants’

Yours sincerely,

Rachel. xox

Hello One & All!

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Moonletters

Good day & welcome to my little blog! Here I intend to post my short stories, poems and even a playlist or 2, compiled by moi & played online.

I write weekly reviews for (See under ‘Blogroll’), and am planning to write a few on here, so if you know of or have an album/book/film that you want me to peruse, get in touch!

Grateful thanks go to my good friend Graz who 1st suggested blogging, and helping set this here web page up; Graz you are a star and I thank you for all you have done, and all you continue to do. xx